My experience with the food bank

During lockdown I have been volunteering with my local food bank. My experience with the food bank has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. The main thing I did whilst in the food bank was making deliveries alongside stocking the food room. Obviously during lockdown times could be worse for some people... Continue Reading →

Queen’s Badge journey

For anyone that doesn’t know, I went to BB (Boy’s Brigade) and they offer a multitude of badges including the Queen's Badge. It is the highest award you can get in the BB. My road to it was long and treacherous. To get it you need to do a variety of things. These include holding... Continue Reading →

Gadget Review: Crank chop review

Basically what this gadget has to offer is an easier way of cutting. How does it do this? Well, what you’ve got is a smallish tub with a stick with blades attached to it which you attach to the tub bottom. Then the lid aligns with the stick with the blades and then turns the... Continue Reading →

Dyspraxia and me

In some ways dyspraxia makes me who I am. Even though it has many downsides, I probably wouldn’t be the same as I am today without it. I don’t know where or what I would be doing today right now. So, in some ways I guess I sort of like having dyspraxia. Dyspraxia has played... Continue Reading →

Dyspraxia in secondary school

As with primary school, my secondary experience wasn’t quite the same. Before we actually went into secondary in primary we had a sort of induction thing to get us used to the whole concept of secondary and what we would be doing there. It was called an "enhanced transition". For this we would be taken... Continue Reading →

Dyspraxia in primary school

Primary school for me wasn’t quite the normal experience it is for most kids. In P7, I went to get a health check up and that is where the doctors found out I had hypermobility in my joints (apart from my hips). It doesn’t really cause me any trouble and in some ways it’s a... Continue Reading →

What is dyspraxia?

Now I’m sure some people may be asking “what is dyspraxia?” and “what effect does it have on you?”. Well, as someone with dyspraxia myself I’m here to answer those questions. Dyspraxia is also known as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (or DCD), but we’ll stick with dyspraxia. There is no cure for dyspraxia and there are a... Continue Reading →

Driving with dyspraxia

My name is Luke Nisbet, and I have dyspraxia. I have a full driving license, and I passed my driving test first time, aged 17 with only 2 minor faults. Some people with dyspraxia may struggle with things like driving because of coordination difficulties, but there are ways to resolve most issues. Here are some... Continue Reading →

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